This summer we’ve had the pleasure of visiting Hong Kong for our first time. It was a completely unexpected trip since we booked the flights the night before (yes, a bit crazy!). Even thought it was unexpected, we did our homework and bought a guide to read in our 13 hour flight. We went to Doha,Qatar. And after that directly to Hong Kong, where we arrived at 9pm without having booked a hotel. Throughout this guide, we will mostly share our pictures of the trip. But you can have a look at all the restaurants we went to and places we recommend to visit in the following link:

We decided to stay in Hong Kong Island, as most of the places we wanted to visit were in that area and one of the best ways of getting to know a city is by hitting the streets. Was it a good choice? Well for us it was the best choice, we walked everywhere during the 10 days of the trip. It is true that some places weren’t near our place, so we took Uber as for us was the easiest option. If you’re planning to visit Hong Kong an want to grab a taxi, you’ll need to know that they might not be the most charming in the world, but they are efficient. There are three types of taxis: red, green and blue. Why is this? Because each category is in charge of a specific zone, the red ones can go anywhere in the city (Hong Kong and Kowloon), the greens are in the new territories and blue is for Lantau.

Last recomendation before we start with the photos, we are not going to recommend any hotel we went to because we don’t think they are worth it. As we’ve previsouly said, this was an unexpectedd trip so we had to take whatever was left in Booking. But in the books we’ve read they recomendd a few we do like: The Pottinger, The Fleming, The Murray, and Kerry Hotel (which we got to visit and it’s amazing).

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