Every adventure in La Gomera starts on a boat, from which you can already get an idea of the type of island you go to. A paradise of nature, a completely wild green site created for relaxation and hiking.

An island that despite its small size takes a long time to travel both by road and the hundreds of trails it has. The weather varies a lot from the low to the high, we went from summer to winter in a moment. And with the following images we are going to tell you the few sites that we have discovered and we have found interesting to share.

El Mirador de Abrante, a restaurant in the north of the island located on top of a cliff with a very special viewpoint. The food is good and the staff that attends also. And winged has a mini desert of red sand that if you get caught with fog like us, you’ll think you’re in a movie.

The natural pool of Hermigua, a place that speaks alone, we enjoy it with the noise of the waves and the sea breeze. But you are lucky enough to be able to bathe for sure it is unforgettable.

From the Lighthouse of San Sebastian we enjoyed two incredible sunsets. It has views of Tenerife and small fishing boats at the bottom of the cliff.

At the top of the island, the Garajonay National Park. A place accessible by a mountain road surrounded by green. It has many viewpoints and it is worthwhile stopping in each of them. The cover photo is the most recognizable site on the island, an immense rock that puts the peak of height on the island.

PS: a pity that the viewpoint Cesar Manrique (gif) is closed permanently, but it is still worth stopping to see it and look at the views it has.

Going a couple of days is enough unless you want to get lost in all the enchanted trails you have.

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