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A Sunday well spent

By now you’ve read our day in Dublin, and the second day; Galway. And it is time to show you the most awesome day.. Cliffs of Moher!! Of course we had fun in Dublin and Galway, but this one-day…

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Day Two: Galway City

Day two in Ireland. We decided to take a bus and go to Gallway! We spent a day there visiting what we could. There wasn’t enough time for everything, and our day was a bit chaotic. But we had…

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Dublin Culture Night

Day 1 on Dublin together. Tina decided to come for the weekend, and we were lucky as it was the Dublin Culture Night. We spent the whole day around the streets of Dublin. It was full of people, not…

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Wicklow Mountains National Park

“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted” John Lennon. It’s been two weeks now since I first got here. I’m not staying for long, but as my uni starts early in October I decided to “waste” my time in…